I always had all the chances to lose without being a loser. I had all the chances to be a construction worker, a trickster, a liar. Somehow, I’ve become that but I’ve traveled and learned a lot on my way. I’ve never been a loser. I’ve always been an underdog. Do you all know what an underdog really is? 

In a broader sense, “underdog” is used in reference to a social or ethnic group which experiences discrimination, persecution and/or economic disability, and which could therefore gain the sympathy of public opinion, either nationally or worldwide. Such sympathy has often proved of crucial importance in the struggles of national liberationcivil rights and social justice movements, and such movements sometimes significantly modify their tactics and strategy in order to gain “underdog sympathy”.

The definition of a particular group as an “underdog” or (conversely) a “top dog” may change considerably over time and through circumstances. During the Boer War, the Afrikaners were widely perceived as the underdogs, a small group of people bravely defying the might of the British Empire (see Opposition to the Second Boer War). During Apartheid, however, the Afrikaners became regarded as cruel racist oppressors, with the South African Blacks being the underdogs. Similarly, in its earlier stages, the Zionist movement was widely regarded in the West as representing an underdog, as Jews were the target of persecution, and later of Nazi genocide. The creation of Israel in 1948 was widely regarded as a victory for this underdog. However, Israel’s occupations of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, along with the increasing visibility of the displaced Palestinians through the activities of Palestinian nationalist groups such as the PLO, has increased awareness and sympathy for the Palestinians. The governments of both Israel and the Palestinian National Authority have successfully portrayed themselves to the rest of the world as the victims, and thus underdogs, the former by emphasising attacks on Israel launched by groups such as Hamas and other allied Arab groups such as Hezbollah, the latter by highlighting the actions taken against military and civilian targets in the occupied territories by the Israel Defense Forces.

The depiction of a conflict in the mass media, especially on TV, greatly influences who would be seen as the “underdog” and “favourite”. Consequently, participants in various conflicts often accuse the international media of ignoring or downplaying the casualties on their own side, while inflating those of their opponents.

Proud misfit & underdog.

Sincerely yours,



3 comentarios sobre “Underdogs

  1. Winterlovers is a good one off their latest album. I have to tell you that I just can’t give one title. I love “Cardiff afterlife” as much as “Solitude sometimes is” or “The everlasting” (the softer side) but I love as well “The masses against the classes”, “You love us”, “Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruth”, “Enola”… What can I say they’re fucking genious!!

  2. si és q com diu mon pare, “preferixo q una filla meua sigo puta, antes q periodista”
    Y voy yo, y m meto en camisas d once varas con la comunicación d la editorial…


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