Pequeña Enciclopedia Sentimental, III

Covenant is one of my favorite electronic bands. I got to know their music through my friend Alex, the Russian, not Alex the Serbian. I love how noisy their loops and hooks can be heard. It is a band from Sweden that has composed music since the early 1990s. I like to say that they’re like Depeche Mode on steroids. This is “Dead stars.” 

Alex told me he met them when they played in NYC about 10 years ago or more. He says he actually got backstage and was able to partake in the debauchery of an electronic band -that is quite rock & roll. Have you ever thought what happens when a star fades away? This is a hint:

“Dear stars” by Covenant reminds me of my happiest nights in NYC, on the terrace of the whole world, from Harlem to the moon and back.



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