«The Boss Factor»

The house where Bruce Springsteen wrote the entire Born to Run masterpiece goes on sale. While it keeps the album’s decadent flair it is not exactly a mansion of glory.

In times of refurbished, remastered, expanded, deluxe, commemorative re-editions of classic albums it is no surprise that this house came back on the market right on time with the 40th anniversary of the album’s original release. It certainly is an unusual piece of memorabilia, far better than a signed guitar, a concert ticket or a promo flyer. The humble cradle of songs like “Thunder Road” or “Jungleland” does keep a charming spirit.

The two-bedroom, 828-square-foot cottage, at 7 1/2 West End Court, is on the market for $299,000. Comparable properties in the area sell for half this price. But besides the Boss premium there are other aspects to factor in: Long Branch is one of many shore communities that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy; The boardwalk damaged by Sandy is still to be rebuilt; Real estate is on the downside in this area of New Jersey; According to the US Census, about 11.5% of families and 14.5% of the population live below the poverty line, including 26.7% of those under age 18. None of that should matter though to a true -and affluent- Springsteen fan.

Indeed, it is not a mansion of glory but rather a meek and mild, average Joe, rundown shack. But then again, maybe rock was never meant to be written in a mansion of glory. This house is a perfect fit for some of the best rock tunes, from “Walk the Line” to “I Wanna Be Sedated,” from “Where Eagles Dare” to “Fortunate Son,” from “Born to Run” to “Livin’ on a Prayer.” As his effort to break into the mainstream, the album written in this cottage was a commercial success, and it became a fan favorite. Performing Born to Run in its entirety became a staple in Springsteen’s most recent tours. Perhaps Bruce himself may want to think about recovering the Boss factor.

Should a willing buyer not wish to sit inside all day trying to soak up the Boss ambience and rock’s essence, the house is only a block and a half away from the beach.

(The Objective 23.10.2015)



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